About Us

Welcome to Rexol

European expertise at your doorstep.
Rexol was established over a decade ago as an additive manufacturing company with a solid customer base around the world. The company, which is a member of NLGI, has years of experience in understanding the value and needs of this strategic regional market. Moreover, Rexol decided recently to invest over 3 million USD to launch a new grease manufacturing facility in the UAE, enabling the company to better serve the growing demands of the local and regional markets.

Spanning over 5,000 Sqm and with a monumental annual production capacity of 15,000 MT for grease and 10,000 MT for additives, the new manufacturing plant is strategically located in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah. The plant is run by a team of experts who are specially trained and well-versed with the British technologies that have been used for decades in manufacturing additives under the brand name of Onyx Additives.

Rexol offers a complete line of high-quality greases, available in a broad range of NLGI grades and fluid viscosities to support a wide range of applications. These highly engineered Automotive and Industrial greases – whether conventional or synthetic – offer long regressing intervals, extended equipment life and exceptional protection.

The production site also includes a state-of-the-art R&D/QC laboratory that is equipped with tribometers, rheometers, and thermal analysis equipment, ensuring that each production batch is tested and validated to guarantee excellent product quality.

At Rexol, we make use of the finest chemicals and raw materials in our manufacturing operations ensuring flawless products, be it conventional or synthetic greases, we are happy to oblige to your requirements, including automotive, industrial and specialty blends.